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You deserve the ROYALE treatment. Enjoy a manicure or pedicure fit for a queen or king by one of our licensed nail specialists who will cater to all your relaxation needs. For pedicures, a tension melting neck wrap soothes your soul as you enjoy a Zero Gravity recliner while we de-stress those precious feet! Choose your favorite polish from the largest selection of nail lacquers in town. For your health and safety, Spa Royale uses only hospital-grade disinfectants, disposables, and fully sanitized stainless-steel implements.


Gel Polish Manicure

45 Minutes $60

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This is the manicure for perfectly finished nails that are completely dry before you leave! Includes gel polish removal if needed, nail trimming, expert shaping, cuticle maintenance, and gel polish color of your choice. We finish by nourishing your cuticles with a special oil blend and a hydrating body butter application for your arms and hands.

Signature Spa Manicure

45 minutes $60

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Careful trimming, gentle cuticle care, and expert nail shaping is followed by a decadent sugar scrub. A tension-melting hand massage and warm hydrating body butter treatment soothe and revitalize while the perfect polish completes this fabulous manicure.

Spa Royale Manicure

45 minutes $50

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This manicure includes trimming, buffing, shaping and a moisturizing lotion application. Finish with your favorite nail polish.

Zero Gravity Pedicures

Signature Spa Pedicure

60 minutes $120
90 minutes $150

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An aromatic scrub works to slough away dry unwanted skin as nails are trimmed, buffed and shaped to perfection. Thorough callous care is followed by a hydrating masque which will leave your feet soft and smooth. A tension melting hot stone massage and warm hydrating body butter treatment rejuvenate those over-worked feet. The polish of your choice completes this well-deserved spa pedicure.

Spa Royale Pedicure

45 minutes $65

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Begin your experience with an aromatic scrub to prepare for nail trimming, buffing, and shaping. Callus care and a cooling, hydrating masque leave feet soft and smooth. Complete this perfect pedicure with a tension-relieving massage and your favorite nail polish.

Foot and Leg Massage

30 Minutes $60

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Relax your back in a zero-gravity recliner while your therapist massages your feet and legs. Emerge completely refreshed and renewed.


French Polish Add-On
$ 5
Hot Stone Massage
$ 20
Gator French Polish
$ 15
French Polish Change
$ 15
Shellac or OPI Gel Polish
$ 15
Shellac French Add-On
$ 20
Designer Nails
$ 15
Polish Change Only
$ 15

Nail Salon

At Spa Royale, we treat you like, well, royalty - because you deserve it. We were voted the best spa in Gainesville, FL. With hundreds of choices for polish to choose from, you will leave feeling not only refreshed but with newfound confidence for showing off those fresh nails!

Our Nail Salon Selections

We offer both manicures and pedicures. If you’re looking for the best nail salon Gainesville, FL, has to offer, look no further. After being voted Best Spa, we did not stop there. We strive every day to uphold that vote, and to continue to satisfy our loyal customers!


Manicures done by our team at Spa Royale are of the highest quality. We offer gel polish manicures as well as regular polish manicures. These manicures include gel polish removal, as well as nail trimming, shaping, cuticle maintenance, and gel polish color and design of your choice. Once your polish is finished, your cuticles will also get hydrated by a special oil blend and moisturizing body butter for your arms and hands.


Pedicures at Spa Royale always begin with an aromatic scrub that washes away dead skin while rejuvenating your skin. Then, your nails are trimmed and shaped to the ideal length and shape. We will also take care of your calluses, leaving your feet hydrated and ready to take on the day. Once the nail polish of your choice is applied, a hot stone massage is performed on your feet and lower legs to help you recover from those long days.

Nail Salon FAQs

How much to tip at a nail salon?

Many people wonder what might be a good tip to offer a nail tech and a salon. Similar to what you might expect at a hair salon, restaurant, or massage parlor, a general 20 percent tip is a good idea for any nail salon.

How to know if your nail salon uses MMA

MMA, or Methyl Meth Acrylate is a compound sometimes used in nail bars and other products that can actually be harmful to the nail and the nail bed. You may want to steer clear of this product in general, and it’s a good idea to do so. It’s not made to adhere to the natural nail plate, so several layers have to be removed for it to be able to stick to something. MMA is also very hard, so drilling is the only way to file it down. This makes the process sometimes painful and tedious. We never want to put our customers in pain, so we do not use MMA. We find using MMA harmful to our customers and our reputation as a nail salon. 


To know if a nail salon is using MMA, look out for these warning signs:


  • Acrylic nails are almost impossible to remove
  • A strong smell in the salon, sometimes fish-like
  • Nails are difficult to file
  • Low-price manicures and full sets
  • Unlabeled products/bottles

What to ask for at the nail salon

Knowing what to ask for at the nail salon can be a loaded question because there are so many options! We recommend browsing your favorite social media website to look for inspiration. There are so many amazing nail techs out there who do wonderful work. So find one you like and see if we can make it your own! Many people decide their colors and inspiration based on the season, upcoming holidays, or even sporting events. Find what inspires you the most, and we can make it work! If you are confused about the gel polish vs regular polish, or which package to get, ask a nail tech, and they can explain the differences to you.

How much are nails at the nail salon?

Depending on the package that you choose at the nail salon, you could be looking at anywhere between $20 and $60 for a full set, and more for a manicure and pedicure in the same visit. Prices also vary if you go with gel polish, a design on your nails, or regular nail polish, nail length, and other packages available at your nail salon.

How to Remove Salon Gel Nail Polish

Your best bet is to soak a cotton ball with acetone and hold it to each nail with tin foil for about 10 minutes or so. Some nail techs opt to use a nail drill to remove the polish.

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