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Casey Déesse

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Spa Royale Manager

Hi! I want to share a little bit with you about what makes me who I am. I was a stay at home mom who homeschooled two fantastic kids, and took care of many others. We were always surrounded by friends and family; the whole gang was always at our house! I was an active Girl Scout Leader, avid crafter, and a self-taught cake decorator. Life was good! In 2000 my world changed drastically when my grandparents were both diagnosed with cancer with-in a year of each other. After all they went through, all they wanted was touch. ‘Sit with me and hold my hand.’ ‘Rub my back.’ That was so powerful to me and was the reason I went to the Florida School of Massage in 2002.


FSM was one of the best experiences of my life. Learning to provide healing touch, to be fully present in the moment and open to others in a way I never was before.


Shortly after we graduated from the Florida School of Massage, a class mate told me about this new spa opening called Spa Royale Day Spa and I was so excited to go check it out.  I was able to begin my career at Spa Royale in October 2003 as a Licensed Massage Therapist. Not long after, Spa Royale encouraged me to go back to school and acquire my Nail Specialist and Skin Care Specialist licenses, so that I could perform all the treatments we offer. It is just amazing to be able to spend all day with a guest providing all of their treatments from head to toe!! I loved the business model and our team culture so much I wanted to learn more about the business aspect, treatment development, training, etc. and eventually became the Spa Manager in 2012.


I never stop learning. Knowing something works has never been enough for me; I want to understand how and why it works. I am always doing research, looking at new treatments, and attempting to find ways to better myself and our team so we can help our guests look better, feel better, live their best life, and enjoy the moment.


I often get asked what my favorite treatment is to give and/or receive. The simple answer is that I love making people feel better, so my favorite treatment to do is the one you need in that moment.  My favorite treatment to receive is any one of our specialty facials, but the Anti-Aging Organic Facial is the best! It literally treats everything from hyper-pigmentation to texture and fine lines and wrinkles! All the specialty facials are just so relaxing and refreshing, and when you are done you feel and look amazing!


Mary and I are committed to providing the best overall experience possible, from calling to reserve your treatment all the way to walking out the door. We want you to feel whole, connected, relaxed, and rejuvenated and to leave Spa Royale looking forward to your next visit with us.