Geneo Facials

People call the Geneo Facial “the facial of the future,” and for a good reason! This revolutionary 3-in-1, non-invasive treatment, sometimes called a Geneo Oxygen Facial, promises more than sloughing off of dead skin cells, a cookie-cutter list of ingredients, and deep moisturization. This special trademarked process reveals brighter, more youthful, naturally glowing skin from the inside out. The Geneo Facial takes the bliss of a time-tested spa staple and elevates it to next-level skincare.

Geneo Balance Facial

The geneo balance facial removes dirt and impurities, fights acne, and balances oily skin. This facial improves skin’s moisture retention and a weakened skin barrier, enhances hydration and firmness, improves skin’s metabolism and texture, and stimulates microcirculation and collagen synthesis. Key Ingredient: Charcoal.

Geneo Illuminate Facial

Vitamin C is the star of the Geneo Illuminate Facial. One of the most important ingredients for your skin, vitamin C is known for evening out skin tone, reducing hyperpigmentation, protecting against sun damage, and brightening the skin.

Geneo Revive Facial

The key ingredient in the Geneo Revive Facial is red algae, a powerhouse for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing the skin, and increasing elasticity.

Geneo Hydrate facial

Moisturizing the skin is the goal of the Geneo Hydrate Facial. Blue spirulina is a potent super powder that rehydrates the skin while improving moisture retention, enhancing firmness, and boosting a weakened skin barrier.

What is a geneo facial?

Employing a gentle yet highly effective 3-step process of exfoliation, oxygenation, and nourishment, the Geneo Facial results in an immediate glow before leaving the spa. Infusing a wealth of natural ingredients using massage-like motions with an ultrasound wand, Geneo treats you to their patented oxygenation process that prompts your skin to increase its own oxygen levels, resulting in rejuvenation from the inside out. Each facial uses dynamic Geneo serums aimed at the specific needs of your skin.

The geneo facial 3-step process

Exfoliation: Each Geneo Oxygen Facial begins with a gentle exfoliation to rid the skin of dirt and pollutants. A sloughing process using the Geneo Primer Gel prompts the oxygenation process to begin.

Oxygenation: Oxygen-rich blood rises to the skin’s surface. The elevated oxygen levels allow for greater absorption of antioxidants and nutrients.

Nourishment: Using an ultrasound wand, a masterful blend of nutritive ingredients is gently massaged into the skin.


At Spa Royale, the best day spa in Gainesville, Florida, our superbly trained estheticians offer four Geneo Facials:

What are the benefits of a geneo facial?

Geneo Facials boast a wealth of benefits! Each of the Geneo Oxygen Facials yields immediate, long-lasting results, and unlike other types of facials, there is no downtime! You will leave Spa Royale with a healthy, vibrant, glowing face, ready to take on the world! In addition to an instant glow, each of the Geneo Facials will immediately work on your skin from the inside out with its meticulously chosen ingredients to produce your desired results. Depending on which Geneo Facial you choose, these are some of the highlights you can expect to see:

Improvements in skin texture, smoothness, complexion, water retention, elasticity, and a weakened skin barrier

Stimulated microcirculation and collagen synthesis

Deep hydration, gentle removal of impurities through exfoliation, enhanced hydration, and firmness

Reduction in hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, pore size, and acne

How much is a geneo facial?

At Spa Royale, all the Geneo Facials are 60 minutes. Your esthetician will evaluate your skin to ensure you receive the perfect Geneo Facial for your skin type and areas of concern. These are our current prices:

How Does the Geneo Facial Compare to Other Facials?

The Geneo Oxygen Facial treatment is unique in that it uses proprietary technology that triggers your own skin to increase its oxygenation, inviting a deep penetration of hand-chosen ingredients to reach your facial goals. 


The Geneo Facial is tailored to your skin’s needs, making it the ideal choice for those with sensitive skin. Many other facials can be harsh on the delicate facial area, but Geneo uses a specialized ultrasound wand designed to draw oxygen to the surface. The massage-like motions are gentle yet highly effective, unlike other facial methods that use unnecessarily harsh suction that act like a vacuum on your skin.



Other oxygen facials force oxygen into the skin, which can result in redness or sensitivity, whereas the Geneo Facial triggers your own skin to release rich oxygen to the surface.



Many facials leave your skin red, sensitive to the touch, or require sun avoidance for up to a week following the treatment. The Geneo Facial results are immediate, long-lasting, and come with zero downtime.

Am I a Candidate for a Geneo Facial?

The Geneo Facial is perfect for all skin types and is highly customizable. Your esthetician can personalize your treatment to accommodate your specific skin concerns or sensitivities. Call Spa Royale for a consultation on the revolutionary Geneo process at 352-333-5800.

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