Self-care is often the best defense against a hectic world. And few options are better than the at-home spa day. Creating your own at-home spa day isn’t difficult either. Here’s a look at how to have an at-home spa day that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.


Scrubs are incredibly rejuvenating. Plus, they can make your skin silky smooth by removing product buildup and dead cells. Exfoliation also stimulates cell renewal, giving you a lovely glow.

Aromatherapy Showers

If you want a spa experience without needing to soak, try an aromatherapy shower. You can use a shower bomb or hang eucalyptus leaves in your shower to get an unforgettable scent experience.

Facial Steams

You can get a spa-like facial steam at home by filling a bowl with hot water and sprinkling in essential oils. Once you prepare it, drape a soft towel over your head, lean over, and allow the steam to waft over you.

Foot Treatments

Many people neglect their feet, making this a perfect choice for your at-home spa day. Start with a soothing soak using warm water and bath salts. Then, try a foot mask and follow that up with luxurious lotions.

Massage and Heat

For tired muscles, some heat and a nice massage are great options. Use scented oils when working your muscles, then follow that up with an aromatherapy heat wrap.


Treating your hands to a light massage using lush lotions is excellent for releasing tension. Plus, freshly painted nails can give you a boost, leaving your hands soft and lovely.

Essential Oil Compresses

If you’re battling puffy eyes, an essential oil compress can be just what you need. Choose oils with lovely scents and anti-inflammatory properties to get the most out of the experience.

Deep Conditioning

A deep conditioning hair treatment can give you fantastic locks. Plus, it’s a chance for a light head massage, which is exceptionally relaxing.

Luxurious Baths

Lounging in a tub brimming with calming scents surrounded by candles is a great way to unwind. Add some relaxing music, and you’re good to go.

Quality Sleep

Getting enough sleep is a critical form of self-care. Use some of the options above to start relaxing before bed. Then, curl up with a tasty hot beverage and do a low-energy activity, like reading, before curling up and getting your full eight hours.

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