Face & Body Waxing

Let us give you the silky smooth skin you desire with body waxing services! We offer hair waxing for your body and your face. All waxing services take place in clean, comfortable suites by our licensed staff of skincare specialists. Feel comfortable knowing that we use the very best wax available in our industry. To ensure your health and safety we only use hospital-grade disinfectants and disposable items for every service. Nothing is EVER recycled. For your comfort, we provide a calming serum after each service. A minimum of ten days’ regular hair growth is necessary to achieve optimal results. Regular waxing can help to minimize hair coarseness and frequency of growth. Persons under the current or recent use (two weeks or less) of Accutane, Retin-A, Renova or any other topical prescription CANNOT be waxed.

  • Navel Area
  • Half Arms
  • Brazilian
  • Bikini Line
  • Full Legs
    • Underarms
    • Lip
    • Back or Chest
    • Full Arms
    • Deluxe Bikini Line
      • Half Legs
      • Chin
      • Jaw Line
      • Lip and Brow Combo
      • Eyebrow Maintenance
      • Eyebrow Wax

        Arm Waxing

        Are you ready to see what it’s like living with arms that are free from dark patches of dense hair? Spa Royale is your Gainesville, FL destination for removing unwanted arm hair.

        LEG Waxing

        Tired of nicking and cutting your legs shaving? Waxing provides that freshly shaved feeling without spending extra time in the shower trying not to cut yourself with the razor. It lasts longer than a simple leg shave as well, so you’ll be going to bed each night loving the way your legs feel.

        Back & Shoulder Waxing

        Reaching your back for a scratch is hard sometimes, reaching it to shave is all but impossible. Our back and shoulder waxing treatment leaves your shoulders and back hair free, smooth, and looking your best.

        Popular Men's Waxing Services

        Tired of fighting with hair on your ears, eyebrows, inside your nose, or chest? Our waxing services help you get the perfectly groomed look you desire with long-lasting results.

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        Benefits of waxing

        Smoother Skin

        After your waxing appointment you will likely find that your skin is much smoother. That’s due to ewaxing removing the hair from the root.

        Healthier Skin

        Waxing often leads to healthier skin as it exfoliates as it removes hair. This saves you time in having to exfoliate at home with other products and taking time out of your day.

        Finer Thinner Hair

        One of the greatest benefits of waxing is that when hair starts to grow back it is thinner and finer. That means it’s going to be softer and less irritating or noticeable.

        Longer Lasting Results

        Shaving does not pull the hair out by the root. That means it comes back faster and has a much sharper edge. Waxing lasts longer as it pulls hair out by the root.

        Less Skin

        IrritationHair removal creams and depilation tend to irritate most people’s skin. Worse yet, some people are allergic to hair removal creams. Waxing avoids these drawbacks, as long as it is done by a licensed professional.