Massage Therapy
In Gainesville, FL

Massage therapy is our most requested treatment! The health benefits of frequent massage include stress relief, improved circulation, and enhanced overall wellness. Lay back and allow your licensed massage therapist to balance your mind, body, and spirit. Individual and couples massages include your choice of unscented lotion, aromatherapy, or body butter.
Choose your favorite style of treatment including: Swedish Massage, the Grande Indulgence Signature Massage, Island Body Wrap Treatment, hand and hot stone massage.
All massage therapy appointments can be done in our private couples massage suites.

Grande Indulgence Signature Massage

Our most indulgent massage experience! Start your escape with a relaxing warm oil scalp massage, followed by a hydrating and softening heat treatment on your hands and feet. Indulge in a full body massage and finish with a muscle-melting hot stone escape on your neck and back. This is a unique experience designed to melt away all of your tension and soothe the mind, body and soul.

Island Body Wrap Treatment

Float away to the FIJI Islands and reveal new silky soft skin. An experience like no other. A full-body exfoliation sweeps away the outer layer of your skin. Your new silky soft skin is then moisturized and a hot stone placement calms your body and soul while wrapped in a soft cotton blanket. To finish, a cool stone facial massage compliments the hot coconut oil-infused scalp massage. Absolutely amazing! Choose Guava, Milk & Honey, or Organic Stone Crop.

Hot Stone

Want to balance your Mind, Body, and Spirit? This ancient massage technique has been used to do exactly that for thousands of years. Your therapist will use heated basalt stones combined with long relaxing strokes and then gently place the heated stones on your body in an ancient holistic healing pattern to ensure you are once again fully aligned with your mind, body, and soul.

Bamboo Therapy

This unique massage involves using heated bamboo rods of various sizes to knead and roll out your knots and relax your tense muscles. Warm Bamboo Massage combines the traditional benefits of massage along with the comforting qualities of heat. It is the perfect massage for you to counter the effects of stress, tension and lack of rest.

Tension Relief Massage

Are you experiencing pain and discomfort in your body? Then you will enjoy this full-body massage that incorporates multiple techniques customized by your therapist based on your body and its needs. More pressure is applied to help alleviate any knots or tightness your muscles may be experiencing. Emerge refreshed and renewed.

Classic Relaxation Massage

Is your body tired, over worked or are you just stressed? This is the perfect massage for you. Long gliding strokes and gentle kneading help to put your body back in balance as well as your mind. Improve circulation, muscle fatigue and all over relaxation with this classic Swedish Style Massage. This massage is suitable for everyone, including expectant mothers.

Himalayan Salt Massage

Try a Himalayan salt stone massage and experience deep relaxation, an improved immune system, reduced inflammation and improved sense of wellbeing. Our stones are made out of 100% Pure Himalayan Pink Salt which is rich in 84 naturally occurring minerals and elements that revitalize the body. The stones are warmed and used as an extension of your therapist’s hands to deliver a truly unforgettable massage.

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Massage Types and

Techniques FAQ

If you have ever experienced the luxurious relaxation that massage therapy can provide, then you know there’s nothing quite like it. A professional masseuse can help even the most stressed and tense individuals and help relieve the pain and discomfort that regular life builds upon muscles, tendons, and pores. The most common massage techniques used today have been passed down for thousands of years. But how does a thirty minute or hour-long massage benefit the body? And how many different methods of massage are there? Here are some of the most common questions we get from our clients about the effectiveness of massage.


What Types of Massage Do You Offer?

Here at Spa Royale in Gainesville, Fl, we practice many different forms of massage techniques to provide the relief our clients look for from a professional day spa. All of our clients have their own preferences and favorite massages, of course. More than that, massages serve different purposes and provide different health benefits.

Some of the types of massage we perform include:

With a combination of other therapeutic enhancements like aromatherapy, music, skin exfoliation, cupping, and scalp massage, our treatment options give our clients a complete solution to discomfort, pain, and stress.

What is a Swedish Massage?


While a Swedish massage sounds sophisticated, in Sweden it’s simply known as a “classic massage.” That’s not to say that a Swedish massage offers no benefits. On the contrary, we recommend a Swedish massage to clients who have never had a massage before.

A Swedish massage focuses on relieving the tightest areas of the body such as tendons and large muscle groups. In the meantime, the masseuse applies lighter and broader pressure to bony and prominent edges. This gives the Swedish massage the well-earned reputation as the perfect massage for relaxation and stress relief.

The long-term benefits of Swedish massages become apparent quite quickly. The pressure of the massage stimulates blood flow through the body. For some, this has relieved common and lasting pain associated with back problems and nervous system conditions.

What Makes a Deep Tissue Massage Different From a Swedish Massage?

The main difference between the two techniques is in their purpose. Where the Swedish massage is meant to induce relaxation with light pressure, a deep tissue massage requires the masseuse to increase the pressure to reach muscle groups that reside beneath muscles and tissue nearer to the surface. The pressure required can be intense and sometimes painful. It is common for a masseuse to use his or her fingers, fists, and even elbows.

Deep tissue massages are recommended for athletes, distance runners, and for those suffering from long-term injuries. We often work with the clients of doctors who have recommended us. We love helping those suffering from debilitating pain find an effective way to relieve their symptoms!

What is a Himalayan Salt Massage?

Himalayan salt is mined in the Punjab region of Pakistan, at the foothills leading the mighty peaks of the Himalayan mountains (that’s right, its name isn’t a marketing gimmick). The salt is easy to identify because of its delicate pink color and the pleasant antimicrobial smell it releases when heated.

The benefits of salt have been studied for hundreds of years. Besides containing a higher concentration of essential minerals, salt is a very effective exfoliant. This allows skin to better retain moisture and reveal a more youthful and smooth appearance. Before the massage itself, polished and heated portions of Himalayan salt are placed in specific places to loosen and relax the muscles needing the most attention.

Many of our clients swear by the Himalayan salt massage because of how relaxed they feel afterwards. You will feel many benefits right away, including deeper sleep, smoother skin, and relief from muscle pain.

What is a Body Wrap?

If you have ever used a face mask to exfoliate and brighten your skin, then you have a partial idea of the purpose of a body wrap. Using a mix of ingredients that include mineral-rich mud, creams, and essential oils, the body mask is applied before covering the mask with warm coverings that allow the body to relax, open pores, and improve your skin’s health.

Naturally, the mask and the warm covering will make you sweat. While it may appear that the body mask has helped you lose a pound or two, the weight loss comes from a loss of water from sweating. Don’t be alarmed, however; just be sure to drink lots of water after the treatment!

What is a Hot Stone Massage? What is Bamboo Therapy?

Similar to the Himalayan salt massage, a hot stone massage uses smooth, heated basalt rocks to loosen specific muscle groups before the relaxing massage. Bamboo therapy utilizes different-sized heated bamboo rods to aid the masseuse in pinpointing points of pain and discomfort.

What Health Benefits can I expect From a Massage?

The primary reason Spa Royale offers many different kinds of massage techniques is because they all focus on different methods of relieving pain, improving skin health and color, and relieving stress. The wonderful thing about massage therapy is that the benefits are both short-term and long-term. Those who have never experienced a massage before can experience immediate relaxation, and those who receive regular massage treatments rarely see such benefits vanish.

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