In the past, it was thought that going to the spa was reserved for special occasions and the ultra-wealthy. These days, that is far from the truth. With research showing that over 90% of all disease in humans is directly related to stress, more and more people are turning to spas to help lower these levels. Believe it or not, the spa can actually be one of the most affordable ways to not only treat but also help prevent stress related disease and illness.

“How can a spa be one of the most affordable ways to lower my stress levels?” It’s simple, think about the cost of taking a vacation, missing a day of work, having to pay the medical bills one incurs due to stress or even the cost of a couple bottles of fine wine. Now think about the cost of a single spa treatment once a month. Really the two pale in comparison when you think about it. Many spas are even offering discounted memberships packages that enable you to maintain a monthly schedule of “spa-therapy” while not breaking your bank.

Why should you go to the spa every month? Because much like the gym, you do not always see the desired results in just one visit. A monthly routine will not only help reduce your stress levels but also help to keep them at a healthy level. The Wellness Membership at Spa Royale allows you to choose between a massage, facial or pedicure each month so that you have choices on how you would like to relax. If you have never thought of a pedicure or facial as being relaxing, next time you go to the spa, give it a try. You will be pleasantly surprised how good you will feel and how good you will look.

While we are not ever going to be able to completely eliminate stress, there are things we can do to help reduce our levels. Next time you’re feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders, think about scheduling your own little get away at a spa even if it is only for an hour! Your mind, body and spirit, not to mention your family will thank you for it.