Your hands and feet carry a heavy, stressful load throughout the day. Both manicures and pedicures are known by many to be relaxing, rejuvenating breaks from strenuous daily life. These beauty treatments are often thought of as having cosmetic purposes only, but they also have many unexpected health benefits.

Skin Health and Exfoliation

For pedicures, Spa Royale uses an aromatic scrub to thoroughly remove any dry or calloused skin. Through the use of lotions and hydrating masques, your newly exfoliated skin will be left soft and smooth. We nourish your nails with a special oil blend for manicures and hydrate your arms and hands with moisturizing body butter. Prepare for nail trimming, shaping, and cuticle maintenance that removes dead cells and leaves your hands feeling fresher and younger than ever. Then you can finish with a polish of your choosing to complete both of these relaxing experiences.

Improved Blood Circulation

The health benefits of manicures and pedicures go much deeper than skin level. By applying a relaxing pressure to your body, blood and lymph vessels are stimulated, and helps relieve any blocks or swelling in your system. The oxygen and nutrients that form in your body can flow naturally, delivering your skin and nails the rejuvenating support they need. 

Stress Relief and Relaxation

Watch the outside world fade away as you enter a calming oasis filled with self-care and wellness treatments tailored to your specific needs. Through the combined use of massage techniques and heated water, you can feel your body slip into a state of stress-free relaxation. Tension and built-up anxiety are dangerous when felt in your body for long lengths of time. By giving yourself the space to recover from the blockage and stress the everyday world can bring your overall well-being will also improve for the future.

Nail Health and Maintenance

While many can overlook it, proper nail care is necessary for preventing infections and other health issues. Avoid brittle and ingrown nails by properly trimming, shaping, and cleaning as often as needed. A professional treatment every 1-2 weeks is usually recommended to keep your nails strong and healthy. 

Mental Well-Being

A little self-care and some much-needed pampering go a long way. By taking the time to care for the little details for your well-being, you can improve your self-esteem and allow yourself some unwind time. Feel the confidence that comes with perfectly manicured nails and the color of your choice to match your mood and aesthetic. Through mani-pedis, you can feel the happiness and relaxation that comes along with treating yourself.

Prevention of Infections

Fungal and bacterial infections often grow on nails for 1-2 weeks before it becomes noticeable. Getting manicures & pedicures regularly is a great way to maintain healthy nails, as a professional manicurist can notice and treat it in the infection’s early stages. For your safety, Spa Royale uses hospital-grade disinfectants, disposables, and fully sanitized stell implements to avoid germs or infections. To maintain nail health between appointments, keep your nails clean, dry, and neatly shaped. You can also use cuticle oil to keep your nail bed healthy and avoid hangnails.


The health benefits of manicures and pedicures are numerous for your mind and physical body. Through Spa Royale’s exfoliating massages, you can increase blood circulation, avoid infections, and promote healthy skin. Receive an experience that heals your mental and physical stress that, guides positive emotions and promotes self-worth. 

Cultivate and nurture your health with Spa Royale in treatments today. Reach us at our Gainsville, Fl office at 352-333-5800 or visit our website at to book an appointment.