Have you ever wondered what the difference between AHA’s and BHA’s are? They are both exfoliants but how do they differ?

AHA, or Alpha Hydroxy Acids

AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids, e.g. glycolic and lactic acids) and BHA (beta hydroxy/salicylic acid) act to “unglue” the bonds holding dull, dead skin on the surface. Once those bonds are broken—gently and evenly—skin naturally sheds. So, although you won’t actually see your skin exfoliating, you’ll soon see the smoother, younger-looking skin hiding beneath. The difference is~

AHAs work on skin’s surface, and are water soluble. They’re generally preferred for normal to dry, sun-damaged skin, due to their ability to enhance natural moisturizing factors within skin. They’ve also been proven effective in reducing the visible signs of sun damage.

BHA, Or Beta Hydroxy/Salicylic Acids

BHA works on skin’s surface and inside the pore; it’s oil soluble, so it’s most often preferred for normal to oily skin prone to bumps, clogs, blemishes, and enlarged pores. BHA also has natural skin-calming properties, so it’s gentle enough for sensitive skin prone to redness and/or rosacea. Exfoliate to keep your skin smooth, bright and even toned.

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